SPARC is an alliance of educational, scientific and service organizations in the Philadelphia-Camden area, including Rutgers University–Camden, public and private schools in Camden City and Salem County, and Coriell Institute for Medical Research.

SPARC seeks to increase interest and enthusiasm among pre-college students for science and scientific inquiry, especially in the biological, brain, behavioral and cognitive (3BC) sciences.

SPARC also seeks to increase awareness about science-related activities and opportunities in the greater Philadelphia and Camden area, drawing on its partnerships with universities and colleges, research institutions, medical facilities and other organizations in the region.

The program is based on the belief that understanding science is important because scientific knowledge and principles are relevant to our daily lives. SPARC activities are designed to help participants see this relevance for themselves. The 3BC sciences are especially meaningful for many aspects of everyday living.  For pre-college students, learning about their biology and psychology can help them master their own actions.  Also, biological and psychological investigations of human health and behavior provide students with opportunities to relate science and math to concrete aspects of their daily lives.