Slime Molds and Drug Abuse 

This powerpoint presentation demonstrates how to use slime molds as a model system to study mechanisms of drug abuse.

Toxicants and California Blackworms

In this investigation, participants work in groups to determine the normal behavior of California blackworms (Lumbriculus variegatus). They then 
determine how various concentrations of assigned toxicants affect the 
worms’ behavior. This investigation introduces testing of potential toxicants, an important component in environmental health science. (Risks & Choices, Center for Chemistry Education, Miami University, Ohio)

Video: Slime Mold response to cAMP

Video showing the response of slime mold to cyclic AMP.

Protocol for Measuring Hemispheric Interference 

The dowel balancing task involves measuring how long a person can balance a wooden dowel on one finger, which is a perceptual-motor task. Successful balancing requires an ability to hold a steady position once balance is achieved and good perceptual-motor feedback to achieve a balanced dowel.

Demonstration of Blind Spot 

This presentation shows how to explore the blind spot